Physical Intervention

On occasions staff are required to make physical contact with clients in order to move them for their own or other person’s safety. At these times staff cannot simply pull, push or shove individuals – they must move clients with consideration to moral, ethical and legal rights.

Westlake are able to provide high quality training in such specialist skills as moving and escorting as well as skills for personal safety and the safety of others.

All training is carried out with an appreciation that any use of force is a last resort and if applied must be done so with minimal contact and at a reasonable level justifiable under the law.

All the training techniques are medically assessed and full risk assessments have been carried out to ensure that the techniques are as harm free as possible. The course content includes a full understanding of the law, reasonable force, report writing and personal safety issues related to this area.

In these litigious times it quickly pays to have highly trained staff who need to make physical contact well trained in all aspects of Physical Intervention.