All training is bespoke and written with and for you. Training is constantly monitored and updated with research and ongoing evaluation to ensure Best Value.

Training can be carried out onsite in sessions to suit your time frame and is simple and very effective. Staff are left feeling confident and reassured in managing conflict in their professional and personal lives.

Westlake Conflict Management & Physical Intervention skills and supporting knowledge are recognised as amongst the best in the UK.

Physical intervention training includes those situations where staff must intervene by making physical contact. Such contact must be carried out with due consideration to moral, ethical and legal obligations in these litigious times.

Moving up the scale training in self defence includes Breakaway and Armed Self Defence and Armed Robbery Safety.

All Westlake training is carried out with the benefit of full risk assessment and medical implications.

All training is based upon the appreciation that force must be reasonable, proportionate and justifiable.

References are available for organisations across the UK.