Conflict Management Training

More and more of our workforce are facing verbal assault on a daily basis – whilst just doing their job. We all think of the easy example like traffic wardens – but what about nurses, doctors, call centre staff, teachers….the list is endless.

The conflict management course puts violence into perspective and explains the triggers that can start an incident. In hindsight flashpoints could often have been predicted if we only knew the signs.

If a member of staff is being abused we teach how that employee can dissolve the aggression and should the situation deteriorate, extricate themselves from a verbal or violent and at the very least, upsetting situation.

Verbal assault can have a greater impact upon you than physical assault. Physical attacks bring sympathy and understanding, whilst verbal attacks just leave the victim being told “Ignore it – it meant nothing” – not easy to do when you are on the receiving end.

Learn the skills to turn anger into positive action and stop your staff being verbally assaulted.